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How to build 4K Video Editing Computer

How to build your own 4K video editing computer?
The goal of this article is to inform you about what to look for in the different components for video editing. And that way you can make your own choices that will fit within your budget or preferred brand. Now, building a computer for video editing is a little different from a gaming pc. You want to spread your budget correctly over the components so that you can take the maximum performance out of your machine for the tasks that you do. One of the biggest misconceptions is the graphics card. It plays an important role, though, but it’s not the most important. That is the processor.

Modern video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Sony Vegas, Resolve, etcetera, are designed to utilize the cores of a processor. Having an 8-core processor means Premiere Pro, for example, can perform multiple calculations at the same time. And that’s also why the processor speed is less important than its amount of cores. You’ll get much better performance from an 8-core running at 2.5 GHz than a quad-core running at 4 GHz. So I would always suggest getting as many cores as you can. It’s even possible to install two processors in the right motherboard, which could give you easily up to 20 cores or even more. Do however check your video editing software first to see if it’s compatible with a dual CPU. And the number of cores you’re about to install.

Always remember that the software is the weakest link in your setup. Our system came with the Intel i9-7900X, which is a 10-core CPU running at 3.3 clock speed. This is a beast of a CPU and it’s giving us extreme performances inside Premiere Pro and when exporting a project. You can see it very well in the task manager of how Premiere Pro is utilizing each core. Of course, this is a more expensive CPU. The great benefit of it now is that the CPU is future proof. But an Intel i7 will definitely work superbly too for 4K editing, and there are even a few i5 processors that I could recommend that have 6 cores inside. I would not go below 4 cores unless you’re not planning to edit 4K footage any time soon.

Ideally, you want to sit around 6 to 8 cores. Now, having a large multi-core processor in your system comes with a flip side, which is heat. Make sure to keep some money over for a decent CPU cooler. For high-end processors, I would even recommend going for a liquid cooler. Cooler Master is a very popular brand for these, basically, they have their fans up in the case blowing the hot air directly out. And this hot air comes through the liquid, which is being pumped from the processor to the fans. Speaking of cooling, your case is an important factor here too. MSI Send us a very awesome looking case, with big LED fans on the front which you can even change the colors of and a glass cover on the side. This one also came from Cooler Master, but of course, a fancy case will not help you to get better performance.

The number one reason that you should choose a case is for the airflow, the second reason could be the looks. To find out if a case has good airflow, look at the fans it comes with. Ideally, you want to have a fan on the back and on the front. One of them should suck the air in and the other one blowing it out. Only then you have good airflow. The larger the fans are and the more you have, the better your airflow will be. And of course, the last point to pay attention to- is that all your other hardware will fit in it.

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