Best Quality JL Storm Twist Whiskey Glasses

Best Quality JL Storm Twist Whiskey Glasses
Best Build Quality
These whiskey glasses are made from Ultra Clarity glass that refracts light in its purest form, creating extra shine and color richness and it is CRYSTAL PREMIUM 100% LEAD-FREE. This crystal option offers crystal-clear elegance and clarity without the risk of lead or other toxins entering your beverage. These awesome glasses will really brighten the rich colors of your favorite Irish whiskey, American whiskey, bourbon, scotch, cognac, brandy and, of course, these delicious cocktails.

Product description
A touch of class
This sophisticated twist design is made of premium ultra-clarity lead-free crystal which presents a stunning glassware set that pleases the eye and creates a wow factor. They provide the look of luxury and appear stunning just sitting there on your dinner table or bar.

The Perfect Gift
Whether you are buying this for a true spirits connoisseur or the ultimate cocktail lover, this glassware set is the perfect gift for any special occasion or celebration. Or treat yourself by adding this exquisite glassware set to your personal bar-ware collection.

Perfect for Him and Her
Despite their large size and hefty weight, the smaller lower twist design fits perfectly in both large and small hands. As a piece of functional glass art, they are well balanced and provide a comfortable yet luxurious feel for both men and women.

Large 10oz Capacity
These large liquor glasses hold 10oz at full capacity and are ideal for drinking your favorite spirit neat, on the rocks or for your favorite mixed and crushed ice cocktails. They provide plenty of room for cubed or crushed ice, 55mm ice ball and whiskey stones.

Whiskey Style Presentation Tube
These tubes are not cheap shipping tubes, they are the same high-end collectible tubes that are used for special edition whiskeys and high-end spirits. Unlike most gift boxes that are big and bulky, this collector’s presentation tube is sleek, compact and will display well in any personal bar, man cave or any liquor inspired memorabilia collection.