Best Feature phones for daily use

Why feature phone?
We know that Feature phones are commonly known as bar phones, many people use feature phone besides a Smartphone.

The feature phone has the basic feature of a mobile phone and it is capable to play music, make the call and has a very basic camera. In terms of phone use, there is an issue of stability of battery charging. Though, the Smartphone manufacturers are come out from the charging problem. But still, now people are using feature phones. Because it is in small size, little weight, easy to carry, can easily talk with others.

Although the product is low prices they provide better benefit such as they provide FM radio, Music system, and Bluetooth features. From which you will get many benefits. Many feature phone company provides 5-8 MH battery and it can be used as a power bank also. Due to general feature mobile chare is less useful in a feature phone. Though there are a lot of facilities in a feature phone it should be remembered that the feature phone is not a Smartphone.

If you are looking to save some money and reduce your screen time or want to reduce your Smartphone addiction then feature phone are the best option to reduce your addiction. Some peoples are trying to cut down social media use, it getting popular among them. We look at the market and wanted to find the best. Here is some best finding for you.

Nokia 3310 3G – Unlocked Feature Phone
Product dimensions: 4.6 x 2.1 x 0.5 inches
Item Weight: 3.2 ounces
Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces
ASIN: B075FL4H89
Item model number: TA-1036-C
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

A Classic design
Nokia phone 3310 3G comes in four new colors, all with a sleek, silver-colored key mat. Its firm body with a tactile matte finish that ensures the best quality at your feel.

One for Every Style
This phone is available in four animated shades and its suit everyone. The color is azure, yellow, charcoal and warm red.

Make it your way
It has customization options that can rearrange icons and choosing color themes, on the other hand, your offline mobile experience will be your very own.

Designed for nowadays
With all of the connection options and features that you need, including a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, FM radio, space for a Micro SD Card and, most importantly, a headphone jack. My recommend is that you can buy this phone without any hesitation. I am using this phone for a long time and my experience is good.

Best Feature phones for daily use