5 Things you should carry for making travel enjoyable

If you visit somewhere- at first you will book a hotel and make a plan how you will go. Traveling is not only for fun or your personal enjoyment. It’s a great learning process. You can see different culture, place- from where you can gather lots of knowledge. If you want to remember about your tremendous tour then you can carry some equipment that will help you preserve good memories. Such as-

  1. DSLR Camera
  2. Flashlight
  3. Smart Phone
  4. Battery Backup
  5. Waterproof Bag

Why DSLR Camera?
Answer is- why not? Picture is the main part of visiting album. It’s a visual travel book. If you have not more budget to buy a professional DSLR Camera then mid range camera will be your best solution. May you can take good picture by kit lens but if you have a 50mm prime lens then it will be batter to take sharp picture. Moreover if you have 75-300mm or 55-250mm telephoto zoom lens will be better. But I suggest you can take one lens is 18-135mm and another will be telephoto zoom lens. Canon760D camera will be your best choice. This camera is best for taking picture and video. It will make your journey colorful.

Flashlight is very much important things in your list. If you visit in a developing country often there will be no electricity. The weather may be bad. Hotel and visited area may be dark. Flashlight will be helpful for you to find exact direction.

Smart Phone
Smart phone may help you in different ways in traveling. You can easily find new place by the assistance of google map. It can be useful to sharing picture in social media to see your friends and relatives. If wifi transferring facility is available in your camera then it could be more interesting. The Smartphone manufacturing companies are going to improve the camera quality of Smartphone. You can take high quality picture and video by your phone. In that case, you may not have to carry a camera.

Battery Backup Power Bank
Power or portable charger is very much important to carry in travel. You can chose a power bank to see some features like battery capacity, physical size, USB ports, Charging Output, Casing and Materials. If you find portability then you have to sacrifice on battery capacity. 5000 MAH will be sufficient for Smartphone. If you want to charge multiple devices then you have to take 10 or 15 thousand MAH capacity battery. It would be good to get the power bank that has multiple ports. You can charge more devices.

Waterproof Bag
Waterproof travel bag has all the advantages of charring your goods. You might be approaching the water body or any place- you do not know when the weather gets worse. Weather-resistant a good bag ensures you to protect your belongings. So travelers make your journey colorful.

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